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Sensing and analytics for forest management and conservation

We develop technology to support uneven-aged, continuous cover forest management and conservation, and provide scientists with cutting-edge digital tooling. We do it because we believe in empowering those on the frontlines of ecosystem conservation and environmental protection.

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Together with our partners and clients, we deployed more than 1000 ecosystem monitoring devices in 5 countries, supporting scientific and conservation projects with realtime ecosystem data.

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A wide range of sensing dimensions

Tailored device configuration

In our experience, each project is unique and comes with its own distinct challenges. That’s why we designed our core hardware platform to be configurable and extensible, allowing us to compose tailored configurations depending on the project’s needs. A wide range of sensing dimensions, coupled with advanced on-board data processing capabilities, support a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions within the ecosystem.


Sensors configuration

temperature humidity pressure sound light movement custom integrations

Peripherals configuration

sd card internet connectivity solar panel

Software configuration

bird species logging vibration analysis statistical summaries bioacoustics custom recording protocol

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Adapting to nature's complexity

How we work with you



Every ecosystem is different and no two projects are the same. As a first step, we explore with you what’s worth measuring and how, creating a data acquisition protocol and sampling strategy.



Depending on the project, our devices will capture raw data on a range of sensing dimensions, such as light, air, soil, movement, and bioacoustics. The data is then processed and analyzed, then stored locally on the device and/or sent via the mobile network where available.



The captured data is then made available in dashboards and reports, or through our API, depending on the project’s needs.



Finally, we can support you in analyzing the captured data to understand the underlying trends and anomalies.

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