We want to open up our toolchain and data to allow for more people to use and contribute to what we have built, for the greater good. But to do so and still remain viable, we need financial support. If you think you or your organization can help, please get in touch, and support our pledge.

We started this company in 2018, 5 years ago at the time of writing. During this time it became clear to us that what we are doing is only valuable in as much as it supports the people at the forefront of ecosystem research, management and conservation.

To do so, technologists like us need to create open toolchains that can help them better monitor and understand our ecosystems. Toolchains that are robust, easy to use, and that can support good decision making at a time when a rapidly changing climate demands rapid adaptation. This is what we believe in, and what our project is ultimately about.

Despite the economic benefits of conserving natural ecosystems, companies often struggle to align this with their short-term commercial interests in a competitive global market. Since its inception, the success of this project has rested on the support of a handful of partners who deeply believe in our mission. Working with them propelled us forwards, both in terms of development and funding. Nevertheless, a significant proportion of our operations is still sustained by offering general software consultancy services, unrelated to this project and the mission.